Publicity Staff
Source: Guizhou-Cloud | 2018-04-08 10:21:19


1. Bachelor degree or above, under the age of 30, candidates with master's degree are preferred.

2. Good political conduct and ethics

3. With professional skills for the position, good writing skills, and familiar with propaganda in state-owned enterprises;

4. Good at communicating and coordinating, detail-oriented, strong sense of responsibility, stress tolerance

5. Passionate about publicity


1. Responsible for the annual planning, implementation and summary of the company's publicity 

2. Responsible for the building, training and managing the team of correspondent

3. Organization and planning of company's important meetings, large-scale events, major initiatives, important achievements, typical experiences, and news reports highlight

4. Responsible for the company's promotional materials 

5. Responsible for coordinating public relations with various media channels

6. Understand the correct guidance of public opinion and guide the employees' ideas correctly;

7. Check the publicity materials, paying remuneration and performance appraisal and reward

8. Investigate the company's false publicity, maintaining the corporate image.

Contact:Miss Huang


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