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1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of work experience, prior experience in e-commerce, Internet independent operation and large-scale information projects, prioritization of data-based operations, etc.

2. Familiar with cloud computing, big data knowledge, master computer, information, database, network professional technology, familiar with the industry, understanding channels is preferred;

3. To timely and effectively coordinate the relationships among stakeholders, solve project emergencies, and ensure that the project is efficient and rapid;

4. Excellent in communication and project management, adjusting to and executing in a complex environment, promoting business, strong stress tolerance, innovative

5. Good professional ethics and integrity.

6. Candidates with titles of intermediate engineer, senior project manager or above are preferred.


1. Good at writing and communicating. Proficient in using office software, efficient in writing project proposals, promoting the project and providing proposals for improvement.

2. Have a deep understanding of the core business indicators, making work plan, project implementation plan, personnel arrangement, cost plan, etc. to achieve the final goal of the project.

3. Effectively organize and promote inter-departmental collaboration, and communicate with the technical staff and salesman to complete project implementation plans based on market conditions.

4. Good understanding of business, finding valuable patterns, capture opportunities and data value, providing professional advice and conclusions, improving and optimizing brand supply chain and sales end so as to boost sales and increase the number of active users.

Contact:Miss Huang


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