Breaking News: GCBD Registers the Trademark
Source: Administration Department of GCBD | 2018-01-26 11:11:50

On January 24, " GCBD" trademark was approved by Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office, and was issued a trademark registration certificate, marking " GCBD" will be solely used by Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd.。

"GCBD" as a big data brand has become a knockout, and acronym for big data development in Guizhou province.  The registration of " GCBD" trademark has laid a solid foundation for the company's branding.  Trademark is an important part of intellectual property rights of a company. It is also the intangible assets, and symbol. It carries consumer trust. Since its establishment, GCBD has taken the trademark strategy as an important part of its development strategy, and has always attached great importance on application, protection and management of the trademark.  

The successful registration of "GCBD" trademark means that GCBD has obtained the exclusive right of the trademark, which is protected by law. It gives market accession for the brand, and marks another milestone for GCBD branding strategy. The company can increase core competitiveness and the ability to ward off risks , therefore to ensure the orderly, sustained, healthy development

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