GCBD "Hunt for Talents" Initiative Takes Shape
—GCBD Enters into MOU with Zeta-V and GIIC.
Source: GCBD Party Committee Office | 2018-02-12 11:05:59 | Editor: Tan Min

On February 9, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd. ("GCBD") signed MOUwith Zeta-V Technology Solutions company Ltd. ("Zeta-V") and Guizhou Maritime Silk Road International Investment Company Ltd. ("GIIC"), by which the "Hunt for Talents" program took shape through the efforts of the GCBD working team who went to Bangalore on January 7 to 13. The signing ceremony was attended by Kang Keyan who is the Party Committee Secretary of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (Group) Company Ltd.; Gagan Sabharwal, the Director of NASSCOM; Ma Wenyi, CEO of Guizhou-Cloud; Mr. Karthik Gurunathan Iyer, the Second Secretary of the Trade and Commercial Counsellor's Office of Embassy of India in China. 

The signing ceremony of the Sino-Indian MOU by GCBD, Zeta-V and GIIC

Both parties shall strengthen the information exchanges and work with each other in building the Sino-Indian big data industrial corridor to foster the development of Sino-Indian big data industry in accordance with the Agreement. Zeta-V and GIIC shall 1) provide assistance for GCBD and recommend talents or propose solutions tailored to the goals of GCBD; 2) assist GCBD with the design and conceptualization of the related smart city projects to meet the requirements of Guizhou provincial or municipal government; 3) help GCBD adopt explicit measures for the modernization and digital and intelligent manufacturing of enterprises in Guizhou to realize the modernization and digitalization of enterprises in Guizhou with focus on Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 Plan; 4) assist GCBD in terms of data analysis and governance, including aggregation and analysis of multi-volume data. 

Ma Wenyi gave a comprehensive introduction of the big data development strategy of Guizhou and the development plan of GCBD from the perspectives of five “endeavours”to carry out the big data strategic action, which deepened India's understanding of the development of Guizhou big data industry and the layout mapped out by GCBD. He hopes that Indian enterprises can help introduce the resources on IT software and talent outsourcing to China to develop a Sino-India big data industry platform. 

Gagan Sabharwal congratulated GCBD on the MOU with Zeta-V and GIIC and said NASSCOM would continue to promote the integration of the ecological systems of India and China. He also expects that China and India could work together in the fields of smart city, the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, training and education, and the R&D of related technologies. 

Kang Keyan indicated that a win-win situation forms the foundation of cooperation. He hopes the bilateral cooperation can be efficient to advance the implementation of the MOU, so as to drive the construction of the National Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone (Guizhou) and the integrated development of digital economy and real economy. 

The signing ceremony

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min    Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor: Xu Kai Lin   Coordinator: Zhang Yunyan

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