GCBD Annual Conference & Awards Ceremony 2017 successfully held
Source: GCBD Party Committee Office | 2018-02-14 10:19:31 | Editor: Tan Min

Turning the page on the fruitful year of 2017, GCBD looked ahead to the year 2018. On February 11, GCBD Annual Conference & Awards Ceremony 2017 was held in Guiyang. Fu Yu, the Secretary of the Party Committee of GCBD and Chairman of the Board, summarised the work of the last year and pictured new vision of the company for the new year with all the cadres and some employees and family representatives of the wholly-owned and partially controlled subsidiaries whose number amounts to over 170. Kang Keyan, the Party Committee Secretary of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (Group) Company Ltd., Jing Yaping, Vice-director of Guizhou Big Data Development Administration and Xu Degang, the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Guizhou SASAC attended the ceremony. 

The year of 2017 was a truly remarkable year in which GCBD, despite its youth, forged ahead and created a miracle in the development history of the industry with its operating performance achieving a leapfrogging growth which was 33 times as much as the regular one. In 2017, GCBD accomplished certain large projects, which won the recognition of our Chinese people and global attention. The growth in 2017 made by each effort strengthens the determination and confidence of the company which are going to maintain entrepreneurship in the process of development. 

Kang Keyan delivered a passionate speech on the forthcoming spring festival in which he, on behalf of the Party Committee of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (Group) Company Ltd., gave the achievement in 2017 a full recognition, expressed the sincere gratitude to all the employees for their hard work and wished a happy new year for them and their families. 

No effort goes in vain with which one would triumph over difficulties. 

Fu Yu reviewed the achievements of the company for the past year, including the important roles the company had played in the construction of the big data industrial chain, the practice of the innovative application of the government's big data, the improvement of the integration of digital economy and real economy and the initiation of  "Hunt for Talents" in the light of the big data, fully recognising that it's the efforts made by all the cadres and their passion towards the work that make the success happen. He also shared the vision for the year of 2018 and for the first time, introduced the corporate culture of "wolf spirit". 

Fu Yu, the chairman of the Board, reviewing the past and sharing the vision for the future

The year of 2017 marks as a fruitful year for GCBD. The operating results grew rapidly with the revenue achieving a year-on-year growth of 853%, the interest of 149%, and the total assets of 95.23%, which outperformed the annual operating targets. 

The year of 2018 will see opportunities and challenges intertwined. In this year, the national big data strategy will be put into operation to advance the construction of a digital China with the full implementation of the spirit embedded in the 19th NPC and speeches of the General Secretary, Xi Jinping. At the process of social transformation, GCBD will remain true to the original aspiration and try to ensure 0.8 billion yuan of the annual revenue with the expectation of over 1 billion yuan to realise the growth of 300%, so as to build this company into a brand one. 

Vows were made by one with missions. 

Fu Yu, the chairman of the Board, presented a flag to Ma Wenyi, the CEO of GCBD and said, "Now it's you who become in charge of the operation. You shall live up to the missions". The new journey of GCBD began with this simple and yet solemn commitment. 

Fu Yu presenting the flag to Ma Wenyi, the CEO of GCBD

One shall be grateful while being perseverant 

The path for the development of GCBD is never smooth since its sailing in 2014. The achievement cannot be made without the understanding of, and support and help from the interested parties and all walks of life. GCBD set up Special Contribution Award, Special Support Award and Academic Contribution Award to thank those who provided care, support and help for GCBD. 

Awards are presented to applaud the efforts. 

There is an old saying, "you reap what you sow". In the ceremony, who won the Member of the Communist Party of the Year, the Team of the Year and the Employee of the Year came to the rostrum and received the awards. 

Kang Keyan, the Party Committee Secretary of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (Group) Company Ltd., giving the Member of the Communist Party of the Year awards. 

The Members of the Communist Party of the Year represents pillars and pioneers who functioned at the core of the company because they helped develop GCBD with unlimited passion and great resolution. They are Yang Yuanyuan, Tang Xiaoqin, Zhou Guangcheng, Zheng Rushun. 

Xu Degang, the Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Guizhou SASAC, and Zhang Lei, the director of Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Administration presented the award of Team of the Year to Capital Operation Department. 

Jing Yaping, vice-director of Guizhou Big Data Development Administration, and Li Xiaoling, the former deputy inspector of Guizhou Provincial Commission of Economy and Informatization, presented the award of Team of the Year to the Material Project Affairs Office. 

These awarded teams are recognised through their clear goals, concerted efforts of the members and the harmony within, and the big-picture thinking, positive attitude and thoughtful services. GCBD functions as a platform for teamwork. The sense of acceptance to the team and the concerted efforts lead to a passionate and excellent team. 

Zhang Ping, the Deputy Party Secretary of the company and Ma Wenyi, the CEO, gave the awards to the Employee of the Year.

The Employees of the Year, Yang Ting, Tan Min, Wu Mingchao, Zhao Feng, Wang Yanyi and Long Yuqiang contributed to the company with their vitality, innovation and hard work. 

Li Nan, the Director of the Forth Office of Supervisory Committee of Guizhou SASAC, and Zhang Lei, the director of Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Administration presented the award of the Employees of the Year. 

The employees of the company, Xu Jia and Li Kang, are outstanding marketing elites with great performance; Yang Yuanyuan and Tang Xiaoqin are the excellent leaders who care about their team members and develop the businesses with innovation; Zhou Guangcheng and Jiang Shuai are so hard-working that they have contributed a lot to the company. The achievement of the company can't be made without their efforts. Therefore, they are all granted the award of "the Employee with Outstanding Contribution"

The company’s achievements were hard won. Therefore, congratulations should be sent to the outstanding teams and employees in each department for their efforts made in 2017. 

Best wishes were sent from partners of the company.

In this ceremony, the company received best wishes from many partners because it firmly adheres to the idea of "integrated ecosystem of industry and finance leads the future" to achieve sustainable development and realise the harmonious co-existence of economy, society, environment and interested parties with focus on the care for employees and the effective communication with each party. 

Best wishes sent by Apple Inc. 

Congratulations sent by the GCBD Silicon Valley Coordinated Innovation Centre

Best wishes from the GCBD Bangalore Big Data Coordinated Innovation Centre

Greetings from all the employees

Employees got together to usher in the Chinese New Year.

The lively opening dance lit up the night for the "Spring Festival Gala" of GCBD. All kinds of programs written, directed and played by the employees, such as singing and dancing, poem recitation and games, fully shows their passion and the spirits of GCBD. 

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min    Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor: Xu Kai Lin          Coordinator: Zhang Yunyan

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