New Journey by GCBD through Hunt for Talents in the New Era of Internationalized Development
-- GCBD Bangalore Panel workshop to be held for tasks in 2018
2018-02-25 10:16:23

Just the first morning of work after the Spring Festival vacation on Feb 22nd, based on the idea of early mobilization, early deployment and early implementation for this year, GCBD Bangalore Panel held its workshop presided over by Mr. Ma Wenyi, Party Committee member and CEO of GCBD. The workshop clarified the annual operational direction, goals, and work strategies for China-India cooperation in big data industry construction and made careful blueprints for their efforts in the time to come. The workshop went smoothly with also the participation of the company's CMO Dai Xiaodai, the Bangalore team, personnel of the Department of Operation Control and personnel of the Party Committee Office.

“Given that Guizhou is determined to implement big data strategy, build the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone to achieve the integration of big data and the real economy, we need a large amount of IT and DT talents. However, Guizhou lacks such talents and enterprises specialized in software development. Therefore we must actively implement the relevant demands and instructions of the "Hunt for Talents" proposed by Party Secretary Sun Zhigang. We must employ Hunt for Talents efficiently to better adopt our international strategy of both “going out”and “bringing in”, emphasized Mr Ma. 

Ma also said that it is necessary to take the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise and use market to implement this political mission, promote the development of big data industry to integrate political policy, industry, and commerce. 

Ma made three demands on the workshop, the first of which is that GCBD taking full advantage of its own status as fully supported by the national policy and making every effort to cooperate with Indian companies. The Second point is to clarify the business planning and ways for implementation. He said Guizhou should hold a dominant position in business cooperation and brand operation and make Government Services Cloud, Digital Transformation and other training business strategic and sustainable income-generating businesses of the company. Third, he pointed out that GCBD must complete the registration and operation of Indian branches as soon as possible and build it into a "China-India window" to develop cooperation with various IT and DT companies ASAP in pursuit of cooperative projects with a certain scale and influence in 2018. 

Mr. Ma presiding over the workshop

Taking the notes 

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min    Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor: Xu Kai Lin          Coordinator: Zhang Yunyan 

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