GCBD Launches “Chun Hua Operation” Instructions for 2018 Performance
Source: GCBD Party Committee Office | 2018-03-01 10:09:07 | Editor: Tan Min

As the first year of the establishment of GCBD, 2018 is a crucial year for its development. In 2018 GCBD made a series of key movements including running I Cloud service in mainland China, operating “Hunt for Talents”initiative and starting the new journey of deeply integrating big data and real economy. We also helped build the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone. To make sure our victory in battle after battle, GCBD resolves to launch “Chun Hua Operation”for performance of 2018.

On February 26th, coincided with the company’s Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Mr. Fu Yu’s directing the Apple Project team’s battle between two places in person, also the time when the mainland China’s iCloud service is about to be handed over to GCBD, Mr. Ma Wenyi, Party Committee member and CEO of GCBD, in the hope of guaranteeing company’s performance in 2018, launched “Chun Hua –2018 Operation Mobilization”with the theme of “New Era, New Opportunities, New Achievements, New Chapters”at top speed. Leaders of Guizhou Big Data Group including Party Secretary Kang Keyan attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

After a 7-days’Spring Festival holiday, GCBD will rise up to new season and challenges! With the start in 2014 and setbacks in 2015, our courage has mounted as the battle progresses. Since the rise of 2016 and the transformation of 2017, we have collected strength and made great achievements. In 2018, we will guard our dream together by actively adapting to the new era, seizing new opportunities, demonstrating new achievements and thus write a new chapter.

With the reopening of the company's year-end summary and commendation ceremony, the video of the oath ceremony of "Chun Hua Operation" made a shocking debut. The launching ceremony of "Chun Hua –2018 Operation Mobilization" officially started. Various teams with code names such as “Front Lines”, “Battlefield Advisory Group”, “Strategic Forces”, “International Brigade”, “Team of Publicity”and “Team of Logistics”all stood ready. 

Goal congruence and pooling of concerted effort are keys for victory. In order to win the battle in 2018, the company’s leadership paid extra attention and made careful deployment. Ma Wenyi first conducted the mobilization and made meticulous arrangements in terms of ideas, goals, organizational construction, incentive mechanisms, process management and cultural atmosphere. “As a strategic and leading enterprise in the development of Big Data industry, GCBD’s influence has become increasingly prominent through industrial and capital layout as well as the construction and operation of major projects including the Apple iCloud service project and the Bangalore “Hunt for Talents”. The establishment Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Group marked a new stage in the development of the company. Our mission and responsibilities for development in the new period have been further enhanced. To achieve this goal, we must take advantage of the time, start ahead of schedule and improve company’s ability to create value and lead the industry”. said Ma in his speech. 

On the ceremony, the company’s CMO Dai Xiaodai (Regional Director), Xu Jia, Director of the Department of Application Integration (Deputy Regional Director), and staff representative Li Kang delivered speeches respectively. They promised to overcome difficulties and win battles after battles to make positive contributions to the Group for its fame. Zhang Ping, the Deputy Party Secretary of the company's Party Committee, CFO Li Ju, and CTO Qin Xiaodong all expressed their ideas of full support to front-line staff for a better performance of the company in 2018. Zhang Ping asked all Party branches to work in concert with the performance of the company, and all the company’s employees must work shoulder to shoulder to write a new chapter in the spirit of unity.

Secretary Kang Keyan fully affirmed the importance and necessity of "Chun Hua Operation." He said that he is very much in favor of the overall arrangement of the “Chun Hua Operation”of the GCBD, for it is planned early and deployed earnestly, reasonably, scientifically, meticulously and thoroughly. “Whether a team can fight and win depends on how it is organized. And leadership must be fully taken advantage of”. He also pointed out that GCBD is an important part and the predecessor of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Group, and the growth of GCBD determines the development of the Group. Hence the Group will continue to support GCBD as always. He stressed that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we must adhere to the concept of sustainable development of “Future Led by Integration of Production and Finance”and the concept of social responsibility of “Guizhou-Cloud, a Digital future,”It is also imperative to thoroughly implement the important ideas of General-Secretary Xi Jinping on the implementation of Big Data strategy to accelerate construction of digital China, take more responsibility for promoting Big Data strategic actions and increase the political standing of innovative development of Big Data. Guizhou people will seize opportunities with one heart and one mind, spare no efforts to promote, implement and serve Big Data strategy with Guizhou spirit of new era, namely, forging ahead in unity, working hard with innovation and late-mover advantage. Guizhou will play an important role in speeding up the construction of the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone and promoting the national big data strategy to make new contribution to our province's big data strategic actions. 

Kang Keyan, Secretary of Party Committee of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Group delivers a speech

Ma Wenyi, Party Committee member and CEO of GCBD assigns tasks

Oath ceremony before the new season

Zhang Ping, Deputy Party Secretary of the company's Party Committee, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection delivers a speech

Dai Xiaodai, CMO of GCBD delivers a speech

Li Ju, CFO of GCBD delivers a speech

Qin Xiaodong , CTO of GCBD delivers a speech

Site of Ceremony

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min    Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor: Xu Kai Lin          Coordinator: Zhang Yunyan 

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