Ma Wenyi : How to Be a Good Solution Provider for Integration of Enterprises
Source: GCBD Party Committee Office | 2018-03-21 10:01:32 | Editor: Tan Min

On March 16th, the “Thousand Enterprises Integration”promotion and project matchmaking campaign organized by the Provincial Bureau of Big Data opened in Guiyang. The holding of the event marked the overall launch of the “Thousand Enterprises Integration”training and promotion campaign in our province. The campaign invited experts from the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, professional Big Data solution providers of integration project such as GCBD and enterprises from real economy in our province to give lectures. Over 190 people including directors from provincial, municipal and state-level administrations, departments of Big Data management in Gui'an New Area and representatives from enterprise of real economy and representatives from big data companies participated the training.

Ma Wenyi, CEO of GCBD delivers a speech

Ma Wenyi, CEO of GCBD gave a speech entitled“Integration and Innovation, a Digital Future”. He unearthed and analyzed the need and problems of Big Data integration for enterprises from the perspectives of industrial mission, the challenges faced by enterprise digitalization (informatization), the digital methods of enterprises transformation and the digital solutions for enterprise integration and innovation. During his speech he also elaborated on the path for GCBD to be a good solution provider for integration of thousand enterprises.  

1. Solutions for digital transformation and integration of enterprises

Digital transformation (DX) refers to the use of third-party platform technologies including cloud computing, Big Data, social networking and mobile technology to create value and competitive advantage through new products, new services, new business models and new relationships by an enterprise. In the new era, the speed with which enterprises respond to digital transformation and their ability to create digital products, services, and experiences will determine their future. Under such background, the technology industry is being redefined and the digital transformation of enterprises is the trend of the times. The key to and foundation of the digital transformation is the ability to apply data and information. Six major measures need to be taken into consideration for successful implementation of digital transformation: 1.Changing the traditional business model of the enterprise. 2.Evaluating the strategy and maturity of digital transformation. 3. Creating a balanced enterprise innovation portfolio. 4. Developing digital products and services. 5. Establishing a organizational structure for digital transformation and 6. Selecting appropriate technology Partners.

The main solutions for digital transformation in GCBD include: full-value-chain services, multi-level solutions for integration and correspondingly rich products.

The first one is the full-value-chain service. GCBD has creatively integrated consulting capabilities such as traditional strategic analysis, market research, industry trend analysis and product planning research. It has also acquired applied consulting capabilities such as organizing, processing, and operating events, GCBD has integrated traditional IT technology with new ones represented by Big Data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and internet of things. Through the analysis of the structure of traditional industries, defining of industrial problems and analysis of opportunities for new technology application, GCBD can provide comprehensive, solid, economically viable services of comprehensive transformation and empowerment for traditional enterprises.

ii. Multilevel Integrated Solution. GCBD has formed a complete set of solutions through integration, development and analysis of Big Data to support the Big Data service platform technically. In the integration of Business Big Data, GCBD is competent for data acquisition, cleaning, distributed storage and sharing; it will extract data from data sources with different structures, transform them in some complicated ways, and finally load them into various storage structures. In the development and computing of Big Data, GCBD offers individualized data services to the government and other enterprises based on data storage and customized data development, which makes it easier to master professional Big Data technique for users and to develop data for programmers. Owing to the isolated storage of data from different users, data mining is only available when the data is imported through the data development platform, reflecting the value of this kind of services. In the analysis of large-scale data, GCBD’s service features with rapid response, massive computing, efficient performance, flexible storage and it also supports various data compression algorithms and achieves business-driven online analysis and computing by using SQL engine. 

GCBD provides all-level integrated solutions in IAAS, PAAS, DAAS and SAAS at the same time. 

IAAS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service): to provide the infrastructure and data migration service needed to access the digital cloud based on Guizhou-Cloud System Platform and achieve the integration between traditional IT architecture and the new one, as well as the protection of IT asset of the company with its high security.

PAAS (Platform-as-a-Service): to provide companies with platforms for the development, testing and running of cloud application, and products combining with cloud security, which ensures the security and prevent the risks of accessing the digital cloud.

DAAS (Data-as-a-Service): to break data barriers for all departments and branches, upstream and downstream companies of industrial chain, offer them open data sharing and exchange service, and build smart marketing and agile supply chain to store, collect massive data and analyze model.

SAAS (Software-as-a-Service): to provide companies with cloud application including two levels domain cloud such as financial cloud, manufacturing cloud, analysis cloud, human resource cloud and collaborative cloud, and industry cloud such as military cloud, architectural cloud, pharmaceutical cloud, smart manufacturing cloud and grain cloud.

iii. Rich Corresponding Products. Enterprise cloud products and services are large-scale analysis database, Yunyi database, State secret cloud software, cloud shield code audit, cloud security value-added products, data sharing and exchange software, data development software, Big Data comprehensive service platform software, data integration platform, Big Data development and computing service platform, project and automatic office management system etc.

IAAS Cloud Database Service & Application

PAAS Cloud Security Service Application

DAAS Big Data Analysis Application Service

II. Digital Solutions for Enterprise Integration Innovation 

i. Deep integration innovation between Big Data and Industry. As some new information technologies including cloud computing, Big Data and Internet of things, were deeply integrated with manufacturing industry, an explosive growth exists in the amount of data produced by intelligent applications, which means the era of industrial Big Data has come. The outcomes from mining and analysis of industrial Big Data can be widely applied in many steps including R&D design, complex producing process, product demand forecast, industrial supply chain optimization and industrial green development to help companies achieve a higher productivity, lower production costs and better product quality.

Ma Wenyi, the CEO of GCBD, introduced the top design and commercial platform of Guizhou Industrial Cloud based on the concept “Internet plus Collaborative Manufacturing”. He said Guizhou Industrial Cloud will provide other companies with cloud resources of intelligent connection applications covered from client, internet to cloud, and other cloud services such as cloud software, intelligent manufacturing solutions, supply and demand trade of industrial products, supply and demand trade of capacity, and Big Data analysis and application. Through these services, Guizhou Industrial Cloud is helpful to collect data produced in the production and business system to guide the companies’production and business, promoting the upgrading and improvement of traditional industries.

ii. Digital Integration Innovation in Wine Retailing. White spirits is a distinctive and pillar industry in Guizhou. With the increasing consumer demand and changing preferences, using digital devices has become the key point for transformation and innovation of wine retailing and also the characteristic of retailing in the future.

Mr. Ma introduced consumer-centered new transformation of retailing. He put forward corresponding solutions to following issues: how to make the competitive strategy, how to connect to target consumers, and how to promote sales transformation. He also said that to use sharing service system to build business platform is the key path to rapid business innovation and break the model of “chimney”. Process automation is the center of the traditional IT architecture. When the process scene is pre-determined, we’ll use automated software to build a new internet architecture through the process diver and data diver. After that, we will achieve digital integration innovation in wine retailing through rapid innovation and management of the uncertainty, with core service competence and data centered.

GCBD will develop in accordance with national Big Data strategy and “Digital Guizhou”plan. Integrating IDC operators, it will make effort to solve problems exist in the production management, industry integration and innovation, and collaborative development of industry chain, using Big Data technologies and relative solutions which surrounds the main industries need to be transformed in the three industrial upgrading. GCBD will serve as a qualified solution provider in the integration of thousands of enterprises to assist to create a batch of high-level sample projects to show the deep integration between Big Data and real economy. By this means, replicable and available integrated techniques, products, modes and solutions will be formed, which will be the driving force of development.

At the meeting

Further reading:

What is the “Integration of Thousands of Enterprises”Campaign?

It means to deepen innovative integration between new Information Technologies including cloud computing, quantum communication, and artificial intelligence etc. in the real economy taking application as a core. Actually, it conforms to the trend and takes technical advantages to promote the deep integration between real economy and Big Data, which will let those data show their value and stimulate the internal power of integrated development. As a result, enterprises in real economy can improve their productivity and quality of their products and services and finally achieve the upgrading and transformation of the economy.

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min    Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor: Xu Kailin   Coordinator: Zhang Yunyan

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