GCBD Builds Consensus with Tencent on Deep Cooperation to Promote “Integration of Thousands of Enterprises”Campaign
Source: GCBD Party Committee Office | 2018-03-22 09:51:36 | Editor: Tan Min

In recent days, Mr. Da Zhiqian , Vice President of Technology from Tencent Cloud, with his 6-member delegation, visited GCBD for deep communication and cooperation. Mr. Ma Wenyi, CEO of GCBD, received them and presided over a welcome meeting. Mr. Li Zhenjun, Assistant Chief Engineer and Director of the Industrial Development Office, Big Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province, and some members of Department of Strategic Innovation, GCBD attended the meeting.

Mr. Da Zhiqian hoped to strengthen deep exchange and cooperation with GCBD in the respect of enterprises’accessing to cloud surrounding the products and solutions provided by Tencent Cloud. He wanted GCBD to achieve a better development in the storage of massive data with the help of Tencent Cloud and become an important support of the Big Data Development Strategy of Guizhou.

Mr. Da Zhiqian, Vice President of Technology from Tencent Cloud

First, Mr. Ma Wenyi highly agreed with Mr. Da from strategic perspective. He said it was the pleasure for GCBD, as a solution provider, to assist Big Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province to promote“Integration of Thousands of Enterprises”Campaign with the help of Tencent’s plan of urging enterprises to accessing the cloud. Second, enterprise cloud is totally different from government affairs cloud. The latter focuses on technical innovation driven by reform, while Guizhou has explored a kind of model through the plan of top design and strong administrative impetus. He hoped to find the pain spots, develop products meet consumers’needs and try to use the best method to let companies access the enterprise cloud market under the efforts from GCBD, Tencent and Guizhou provincial government.

Ma Wenyi, the CEO of GCBD

Mr. Ma said that GCBD, as a pioneer solution provider for the Chinese government affairs cloud, proposed solutions integrated data acquisition, clearing, distributed storage, sharing and analysis, and independently developed Data Exchange Software, Data Open Software, Big Data Service Platform, Yunyi Database and other products. Especially, the Data Exchange Software and Data Open Software are the supporting platforms for any governmental departments to smooth the way to access the enterprise cloud, and the foundation for them to offer a more convenient and efficient service to all citizens. He hoped to strength the cooperation with Tencent to advertise GCBD solutions to government affairs cloud, accelerate the construction of digital China and improve the governance capacity of the government. 

Mr. Li Zhenjun said Guizhou Provincial Government decided to implement “Integration of Thousands of Enterprises”Campaign in the whole province to promote the construction of National Big Data Comprehensive Testing Area, and accelerate the integration between Big Data and the real economy. GCBD has built and operated the Guizhou-Cloud System Platform which is the first platform can store, standardize, share the data from the whole province and ensure their security, which means GCBD has become an important platform offering other enterprises supports to access the cloud. The government needs GCBD to give a fair evaluation for the platforms of other enterprises. So, he hopes GCBD can play a good role of public service platform for enterprises accessing the cloud and serve as a good solution provider of the “Integration of Thousands of Enterprises”Campaign.

Mr. Li Zhenjun, Assistant Chief Engineer and Director of the Industrial Development Office, Big Data Development Administration of Guizhou Province

At the meeting, Tencent introduced the developing process, basic capacity, typical application cases of its storage products in detail. Also, they proposed a plan about the direction, mode, and path of mutual cooperation in the future and discussed with GCBD on accelerating the development of Medium-and-small enterprises based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence etc. Finally, the both sides expressed that they will positively put all plans into practice according to the agreed intentions and work together to urge other enterprises to access the cloud and promote the “Integration of Thousands of Enterprises”Campaign.

At present, all preparations are under the way.

Having a deep discussion

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min    Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor: Wei Chao   Copy Editor: Zhang Yunyan

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