Guizhou-Cloud Institute of Enterprise under preparation——the First Gezhihui Study Session of GCBD held
Source: GCBD Party Committee Office | 2018-03-22 09:48:24 | Editor: Tan Min

On March 16th, the successful launch of the First Gezhihui Study Session of GCBD marks the official preparation for the establishment of Guizhou-Cloud Institute of Enterprise. Fu Yu, party committee secretary and president of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd., was invited to make a speech, and Yang Linyun, general manager of Guizhou Aerospace Network company was invited to make a lecture. And Ma Wenyi, member of party committee and CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd. made comments on this study session. And staff from different departments of subsidiary companies, parent companies and joint venture companies also showed up at the meeting to make progress and achieve improvement together.

Study Session on Site

Gezhihui is an inner-enterprise college under construction by Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd.——Guizhou-Cloud GezhiInstitute’s platform where study session, reading session and thinking session take place. Guizhou-Cloud GezhiInstitute is a prepared college of business, IT and DT for the purpose of meeting the need of stuff to get improved and turn into professionals. The college aims to nurture professionals who are adaptable and suitable to the development of future in an systematic, goal-oriented and long-term manner. Fu Yu, president of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd. will take up the post of dean of the college and Ma Wenyi, CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd. will be the executive dean. Gezhi stems from Ge Wu Zhi Zhi. “Ge”means reasoning;“Zhi”means obtaining. The four Chinese characters all together mean obtaining knowledge through exploring and reasoning the essence of matters. The true meaning of “Ge Wu Zhi Zhi”is to probe into the principles of things and gain wisdom and inspiration. It comes from The Great Learning, which means the knowledge of great minds. It mainly deals with self-cultivating, family-regulating, state-ordering, and land-governing.

Fu Yu said that as an major platform of discovering and cultivating professionals of the company, Guizhou-Cloud GezhiInstitute carries out continuous learning activities, exchanges knowledge of new technology and cutting-edge research and promotes the internal learning atmosphere of the company through the internal exploration of the potential of teachers and the introduction of external intellectual resources and comprehensively improves the personal qualities of employees and the overall strength of the company and builds a learning organization, and provides strong guarantee for the development and expansion of the company. At the same time, he put forward requirements on how to build a learning organization. First, starting from the Chunhua Action and regarding the learning organization as a development strategy. Second, focusing on the management mechanism and establishing a security system for learning organizations. Third, implementing specific methods to create a learning atmosphere that has become a common practice.

Speech by Fu Yu, party committee secretary and president of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ma Wenyi said that achievements are the result of double efforts. Yang Lingyun's professional and dedicated attitude and spirit are the carriers of the Guizhou Aerospace Network company's corporate culture. His personal qualities also reflect the company's successful factors. The preparation of Guizhou-Cloud GezhiInstitute is an repetitive process that requires rapid development and wisdom. Fu Yu, chairman of the Board of Directors, was able to plan in a far-sighted manner and planned in advance. He was able to set up a plan in advance for the development of organizational capabilities that supported sustained development, reflecting a very important strategic mindset. He said that he will cooperate with Fu Yu to use the latest theoretical system and successful practical experience to build and operate a corporate university and to construct and run the company as the most important organizational form supporting the long-run development of Guizhou-Cloud's basic industries.

Comments by Ma Wenyi, member of party committee and CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Co., Ltd.

At the seminar, Yang Lingyun gave the students a vivid lecture under the theme of “Building Guizhou's Industrial Internet and Assist the Integration of Economic Growth to Drive New Industrial Economics”in the background of development of construction of the Internet, the core technologies and applications of industrial Internet, Industrial Internet based on INDICS, and the construction and application of Guizhou Industrial Internet supported by industrial cloud and its follow-up development plans, etc. As a result, the employees present benefited a lot and further got improved to truly achieve the desire of "Making Progress and Growing Together".

Class by Yang Linyun, general manager of Guizhou Aerospace Network company 

attentive class-taking of students

Source: GCBD Party Committee Office

Reported by: Tan Min   Reviewed by: Fu Yu

Editor:Xu Kai Lin           Reviewed by: Zhang Yunyan

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