Good News on Guizhou-Cloud “Intelligence Harvest”NASSCOM Visits Guizhou for Cooperation
Source: Board Office of GCBD | 2017-12-26 16:39:59 | Editor: Wang Xiaozhuo

On the morning of December 22, Gagan Sabharwal, director of Overseas Business and Emerging Markets Department of The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), brought an Indian start-up company Zeta V and a start-up team Kalex to have business talks with GCBD. This is the second in-depth exchange between China and India following the formal establishment of Guizhou-Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center on November 30. Fu Yu, chairman of GCBD, CEO Ma Wenyi, CMO Dai Xiaodai and heads of relevant departments, and Zhang Hui, Board Director of Guizhou Maritime Silk Road International Investment Co., Ltd. (GIIC) attended the symposium. Dai Xiaodai, CMO of GCBD, hosted the symposium.

The Scene of the Symposium

GCBD first introduced to the guests the history of the company, featured businesses and the current strategic investment partners. On behalf of GCBD, Dai Xiaodai, CMO of the Company, welcomed the visit of the delegation from NASSCOM, and expressed the wishes of this forum to the Indian side.

Dai Xiaodai, CMO of GCBD, hosted the symposium

At the conference, Ma Wenyi, CEO of the company, pointed out that GCBD came into being in the strategic layout of Guizhou's big data industry, carrying the mission of promoting the development of big data industry in Guizhou, building a general-purpose government data aggregation platform and building an ecosystem of big data industry and finance. The company is committed to big data investment, information-based government and providing digital services in different areas. Ma Wenyi stressed that the future direction of development for GCBD is not confined to the main industries such as big data and IT. It also includes the in-depth integration of the digital economy and traditional industries. There is a huge potential market for the company in terms of business and technology outsourcing and human resources. The establishment of Guizhou-Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center is committed to building a platform for mutual visits and information exchange between Chinese and Indian enterprises to attract quality projects and attract talent to Guizhou. The company also hopes to establish a big data economic corridor with the NASSCOM to further exchanges and cooperation with Indian enterprises big data industry through the window of the Collaborative Innovation Center. 

Wenyi Ma, CEO of GCBD gave a speech

NASSCOM thought highly of the achievements of Guizhou’s big data industry and GCBD functioning as the strategic platform. It expressed that NASSCOM, as an industry association, will help to cooperate with small and medium-sized IT companies in India to cooperate with GCBD. At the same time, the two parties had in-depth discussions on business and technology outsourcing, IT software development, introduction of big data analysis and application solutions, research and development of emerging technologies, incubation of innovative enterprises and human resources, reached an initial agreement on cooperation.

Gagan Sabharwal, director of Overseas Business and Emerging Markets Department of NASSCOM, gave a speech

Before long CEO Wenyi Ma will lead a delegation to India for inspection, and to organize a collaborative working group with NASSCOM, implementing feasible projects. In the future, GCBD will use Guizhou-Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center as an opportunityto bring its brand and technological edges into full play. At the same time, it will strengthen cooperation with NASSCOM and local enterprises in India. It will uphold the idea of "going out and bringing in", attracting investment, talent and attracting advanced technologies simultaneously. The company will open up and cooperate with the world-renowned enterprises, developing an industrialized, internationalized and diversified road for big data industry so as to promote the national strategy of digital economy and the development of artificial intelligence.

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