Guizhou-Cloud APP Update Officially went live, optimizing user experience
Source: GCBD Administration Department | 2017-12-28 16:32:59 | Editor: Tan Min

Guizhou-Cloud APP V2.1.1 launched online recently. In addition to the overall upgrading of UI, the user experience had been largely improved because of the newly added various livelihood services with user operation optimization and platform technology. The operation became easier for the newly installed "Voice Recognition Search" on the homepage by which users can search for the data resources on the Guizhou-Cloud system platform. 

New functions

The "Voice Search" button is added at the bottom of the homepage; there is also an updated section composed of lunar calendar, traffic restriction information and news updates, and some new services, such as outpatient registration, bus inquiry, delivery service. The section is not only providing a clear and convenient life and commuting services for users, but manifests the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture and enhances the cultural self-confidence. 



Brand new UI design

The upgraded simple IU design shows a fresh look. The splash screen, guide view, banner page, and all the service icons and elements have been redesigned to achieve unity in style. 

Optimized operation experience

Loading page, service access timeout and default error page are added to the service page. 

Optimized platform technology

The platform has adopted a new front-end framework to provide a fast browsing experience for h5 page. The framework is currently used in news page, and will be adopted to rewrite more self-run services to improve the unity and smoothness of the service experience. Meanwhile, the newly added blacklist for third-party services can filter out irregular links on the target page as needed. 

The APP is upgraded to explore the "sustainable construction through PPP (Public-private Partnership) led by the government with multi-parties involved" and innovate service models. Based on the Guizhou-Cloud system platform and the requirements of the platform construction, the APP adopts innovative service model via the open application of big data and the Internet to integrate the applications of government services and people's livelihood services across the province, catering for users in the market-oriented principle. It provides one-stop convenient services covering health care, education, transportation, utility payment for the public via one entry, uniform user authentication system and push notification system, so as to realize "A phone can bring services to home" and "More data services for people, less procedure". With various optimization, Guizhou-Cloud APP is expected to become a mobile service platform for governance, civilian and commercial use. 

QR code for Guizhou-Cloud APP Client

Since the launch of APP on April 11, 2017, the platform has covered 3842 government services and people's livelihood services from 21 departments directly under the Guizhou provincial government and departments under Guiyang municipal government, 167 of which can be accessed online. And in the 405 livelihood services, there are 89 which can be accessed on the APP. Users can scan the QR code to access those services. 

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