GCBDand ICBC Work Together to Seek "Welfare "For the Public
Source: Operation Administration Department of GCBD(Plan) | 2017-11-30 15:58:22 | Editor: Wang YanYi

On November 28th, Chen Tao, General Manager of Information Administration Department of Guizhou Branch of ICBC and Hou Jun, Head of Yunyan branch, went to the GCBD to investigate and discuss and conducted an in-depth discussion on how to start cooperation. Ma Wenyi, Member of the Party Committee and CEO of GCBDpresided over the forum.

Ma Wenyi, Member of the Party Committee and CEO of GCBD

Chen Tao, General Manager of Information Administration Department of Guizhou Branch of ICBC Gave a Speech

During the meeting, the two sides launched an in-depth exploration from strategy to tactics in terms of popularizing livelihood benefits for the big data financial scene and reached a cooperation intention in fields of credit system construction, data resource integration and sharing, APP payment service and credit card business. First step is to establish the universal credit scoring system in Guizhou. Integration of Guizhou-Cloud ecosystem and platform resources, combined with the internal management mechanism of ICBC to jointly do a good job in business planning and business model establishment,build an universal credit system, while constantly upgrading the ability of risk prevention and control of ICBC, through the development and application of big data to support finance and provide inclusive benefits to people's livelihood; the second step is to provide safe, convenient and professional online payment services through the Guizhou-Cloud Mobile Service Platform (APP). ICBC is the financial institution that owns the most resources for payment. The Guizhou-Cloud APP intends to access the payment system of ICBC, builds a financial payment platform and realizes the closed loop of consumer service scene.The third step is to deepen the cooperative business of the inclusive people's livelihood. We will establish a special team to sort the openable data sources and lists to jointly find the social and commercial values to explore the viable business models for integration and sharing of data resources, through the effective integration of finance and poverty alleviation, education and other fields,to carry out the cooperation projects.

During the Symposium

As the only strategic platform-based enterprise in the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone, theGCBD made arrangements in different areas and actively promoted the establishment of big data industry in Guizhou. In the next step, the company will work together with ICBC to create a powerful alliancesto seek "welfare"for the people, providing big data financial services that include all people.

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