Guizhou-Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center was Officially Established
Source: Operation Administration Department of GCBD(Plan) | 2017-12-01 15:58:07

Relying on the national strategy of "One Belt and One Road", "go global" and "bring in", GCBD active docks and makes full use of the existing resources in India to set up Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center in Bangalore, built a "Harvester of Intelligence", absorbed India's human resources and advanced technologies in Bangalore with the name of Small Silicon Valley,to establish the National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

With the support and assistance of the Provincial Bureau of Big Data and Guizhou Maritime Silk Road International Investment Co., Ltd.(GIIC), GCBD and National Institute of Information and Technology (NIIT) which is a strong and influential organization in India's Software and Services Industry Association (NASSCOM) and the world's largest IT education institution, IT Solution Provider reached an agreement to jointly promote the establishment of a Collaborative Innovation Center by leveraging the local resources of relevant agencies.

After many concerted efforts, on November 30th 2017,Guizhou Cloud (Bangalore)Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center was officially launched in Bangalore, India, and set a successful example for the cooperation between China and India in the information industry.

The purpose of the Collaborative Innovation Center is to create an open and ecologically-friendly platform which is rich in human resources and R & D and to establish a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership through close cooperation with NASSCOM and local enterprises and also maintain it for a long time so as to achieve the application and commercial value transformation of innovative intelligence and innovative achievements.

Innovation Collaborative Center will build on the integration of strategic ecology of Sino-Indian production and finance, strengthen technical cooperation, integrate resource advantages, carry out enterprise informatization, and innovate and plan cloud-based services in the industry and build the intelligent city and other cutting-edge emerging technologies and export core technologies and application solutions in various industries to create independent innovation product system. At the same time, informatization and big data talents and enterprises training to solve the bottleneck problem of talents in the big data industry, upgrade the quality level and enterprise capability of software engineering inGuizhou Province so as to promote the digital transformation of digital government and enterprises.

In the future, GCBD will take the opportunity of the Collaborative Innovation Center to establish a platform for mutual visits and information exchange between China and India by taking full advantage of the brand effect and resource advantages of Collaborative Innovation Center, and attract a number of high-quality cooperation projects to Guizhou. In the meantime, with the help of influential and significant project experiences such as Apple iCloud and Huawei Software Cloud, we will work with the Indian government and enterprises to tap more international cooperation projects that have the influence of the "One Belt and One Road" and help Guizhou to realize its goal of deep integration and win-win development in the digital economy and industry.

Guizhou Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center was Officially Established in India

Ma Wenyi, CEO of GCBD Exchange Ideas with President of NIIT

Inside of Guizhou Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center

View of Guizhou Cloud (Bangalore) Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center

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