Company Held a "Guizhou-Cloud·Night of Sanya" Partners Symposium on the Future of Digital Economy
Source: Guizhou-Cloud’s Party Committee Office | 2017-11-28 15:57:21 | Editor: Li Dan

On Nov. 23th, the company hosted the partners symposium under the theme of "Guizhou-Cloud·Night of Sanya" successively and invited partners of Guizhou-Cloud, ecological partner of Inspur Cloud Enterprise Market and partners of Inspur information channel to participate in the activity. Fu Yu, President of the Company attended and gave a speech.

Mr. Fu Yu, President of GCBD Gave a Speech

Mr. Fu Yu, delivered a speech under the theme of "Cooperation Creates the Value, Digit Drives the future," delivered a speech. He said the event is an exchange event for GCBD and "old friends" and "new partners" to explore the digital economy. Since its establishment, GCBD has received strong support of many partners presented. The company live up to expectations, three years after its establishment, all leaders and staff conduct a comprehensive strategy around the big data industry chain with continuous hard work and fruitful results which covered the government and business cloud, Internet information security, industry cloud, BDSTCO, IDC / CDN / ISP / ICP, hardware and software, fund investment and other businesses. In particular, he mentioned a successful cooperation case. Inspur supported the launch of the Guizhou-Cloud system platform at the beginning, so the Guizhou-Cloud system platform can be launched and operated quickly. The two units supported the " Inspur Cloud-based company in 26th, July,2016 and made a win-win situation

Mr. Fu Yu, said GCBD came into being in the strategic layout of big data in Guizhou and is the only state-owned strategic platform-based enterprise group in the National (Guizhou) Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone. It carries the responsibility and mission for promoting the development of big data industry in Guizhou, building the platform of "Gathering for Sharing" for government data and constructing the big data financial ecological system. In the innovative and sharing big data era, it is hoped that all partners and companies to jointly hold the open global mind, keen forward-looking vision, candid cooperation spirit and concrete pragmatic actions to seize the opportunity of digital economy development and create a digital future together. He is looking forward to working with "old friends" and "new partners" to carry out in-depth cooperation and exploration in the following 4 aspects: revitalize the resource-based digital economy and release the new value of data resources; and develop a technology-based digital economy and create a new high ground in the information industry; develop a converged digital economy and to stimulate new functions in upgrading and transformation ; as well as  develop a service-oriented digital economy and foster new forms for digital applications.

Finally, Mr Fu Yu, said that he is sincerely looking forward to working with all our partners to further deepen exchanges and cooperation, innovate the cooperation mode, broaden the cooperation areas and promote the development of big data industry, so as to jointly create a new digital economy, in order to work hard to implement the spirit of our Party’s 19th Congress!

The atmosphere is lively with heated discussion, Inspur Group and Inspur Guizhou Company and other partners have made speeches one after another. They discussed how to strengthen the "Guizhou-Cloud" ecosystem construction in the next step, to actively expand channels for government and enterprises to be linked with the cloud, and to improve the value-added service products on the Guizhou-Cloud platform.

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