GCBD Establishes S&I Department to Drive Future Development
Source: Administration Department of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data | 2017-12-06 15:54:21 | Editor: Tan Min

On November 29th, the kick-off conference with the topic "new trend, new model, new momentum and new era" of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data strategic & innovation (S&I) department was held. CEO Ma Wenyi officially announced the establishment and Chairman Fu Yu attended and delivered a speech.

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The new department is significant to GCBD, and is expected to perform as the think tank and pioneer of the company's innovation. Chairman assumes responsibility for the department, and it's responsible for the management level, and bind by the company's property, financial, personnel, decision-making, investment management system. Besides, the department integrates kinds or resources of GCBD, and pools top talent in investment & financing, consulting, cloud technology development, software development, IT engineering, internet security framework, etc, to develop self-owned products and service brands and achieve the company's goal of integrating factors including capital, talent and product and its strategic ambition through utilizing new capital, new eco-business concept, new paths, new trends, new technologies and new products. The S&I department will integrate industry resources and cooperation with universities and colleges, scientific research institutes and other enterprises, to improve the company's industry competency and drive the company's rapid and sustainable development, through combining the deep insight into internet and big data development trend with thorough analysis about industry leaders' key products and development directions, and research on industry trend and talent potential.

Ma Wenyi, Member of the Party Committee and CEO of GCBD gives a speech

Ma Wenyi pointed out in his speech that, innovation requires collective wisdom and solidarity. The establishment of S&I department indicates the importance the company attaches into strategic practices driving innovation development, so every employee and partner of GCBD should make contributions to the ambitious goal, to drive the company to be an international brand and industry leader.

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of GCBD

Fu Yu made a wrap-up speech. He said that, with the successful closing of 19th National Congress, we were now in the new era, and so was the company. China Dream consists of everyone's dream, and the success of an enterprise relies on every employee with a dream and pursuing his/her dream.

Fu Yu raised a few requirements for employees. The first was confidence. He said it was "ambition" that differentiated enterprises, so he hoped that under the guidance of the blueprint of the company, everyone could be confident to proactively participate in the allocation and integration of global resources and drive the internalization of the company. The second was the awareness to share. Only the integration of different eco-business systems can establish a new future system. Therefore, everyone should be open to promote cross-industry and cross-system cooperation. The third was persistence. Persistence and open mind were required to implement the company's strategies. The fourth was following market trend. The S&I department's innovation, programs, strategy and products should closely follow the market trend. The fifth was keeping learning. Every employee should keep learning and working hard, to seize every moment to make contributions to the company's development.

Fu Yu expected that, the conference could help every employee find their dream, and strengthen solidarity, so that everyone would hold hands together to build the future of GCBD, which was also a contribution to the state-owned enterprises' development.

All the Members of S&I Department and Company Leaders

During the conference, CFO Li Ju shared his thoughts. The representatives of S&I department took turns to deliver speeches, and affirmed their ambition: maintain solidarity, strive and innovate, work hard and achieve more. In addition, there was also an awarding ceremony of "Cloud Wolves".

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