Project "Research on the Application of Encryption Technology on Governmental Affairs Cloud" Lands in GCBD
Source: GCBD Administration Department | 2017-12-05 15:46:06 | Editor: Tan Min

On December 1, the research project "Research on the Application of Encryption Technology on Governmental Affairs Cloud", assigned by State Cryptography Administration, officially landed on GCBD. Before that, the Project of Encrypting Governmental Affairs Cloud, participated by GCBD, was launched on The Computing Conference 2017(Guangdong). Guizhou-Cloud System Platform is the first cloud service infrastructure that achieves the overall storage, sharing, standardization and security of provincial governmental data and an important platform to support the integration, sharing and utilization of Guizhou provincial governmental platform. The landing of the project signals that Guizhou-Cloud System Platform will build security infrastructure to support the cloud platform and speed up the process of constructing the security protection architecture of cloud platform in China.

Ren Zhongwei, deputy director of the Provincial Cryptography Bureau gave a detailed introduction to the background of the research project. He pointed out that the current cloud platform lacked the protection from encryption. Against this backdrop, the provincial Cryptography Bureau initiated pilot projects on applying encryption technology to promote the integration and development of new technologies like big data, cloud computing and encryption technology. On July 7, after being reviewed by experts, the project "Research on the Application of Encryption Technology on Governmental Affairs" has been set up. Now, the project is approved by State Cryptography Administration and started. He emphasized that the landing of the project means the trust on Guizhou’s encryption capability by State Cryptography Bureau. Never forget why you started, and you mission can be accomplished. The launch of the project is a starting point as well as a key to success.

Ren Zhongwei, deputy director of Guizhou Provincial Cryptography Bureau, hosted the meeting

During the meeting, Yang Fan, director of Key Management Center in Provincial Cryptography Bureau, gave a report on the project "Research on the Application of Encryption Technology on Governmental Affairs Cloud", introducing the background of the project, research goal and content, research approaches and achievements, the organization, progress and assignment of the project, recent work and the thoughts of future development. Then, representatives from Data Communication Science and Technology Research Agency, GCBDand Aliyun made some complement and participants of the meeting discussed about how to carry out the project in the future. After the meeting, all parties reached an agreement that cryptographic security is an important issue of constructing an information-based government. State leaders attached great importance to it and required that all newly-built information platforms should be equipped with a protection system with encryption. Members of the project should shoulder the responsibility together. Guizhou should look at the difficulties on the height of national standard and balance the relations between optional exercise and compulsory exercise, the platform and the application, the general and the special.

Kang Keyan, member of Party Committee of Guizhou Big Data Bureau and Deputy Director, gave a speech

Kang Keyan, Deputy Director of Guizhou Big Data Bureau, emphasized that encryption is the core technical means of network and information security. Independent cryptographic technology is crucial to protect sensitive information from leakage and information system from attack and to secure the information security and sovereignty of information system in key areas of the country. He pointed out that the development of big data industry in Guizhou should always adhere to four concepts, i.e., data is the resource, application is the core, industry is the goal, and security is the guarantee. He proposed three requirements. First, step up data protection measures to solve potential security risks in business development. Second, strengthen the application of encryption technology and make up the shortcomings of the security system. Third, take the opportunity of Big Data Expo in May 2018 to announce a reliable and scientific solution of encryption that is based on the cloud platform.

Fu Yu, Secretary of the Company Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, made a statement

Fu Yu, Chairman of the Board of GCBD, made a statement. He said that encryption technology is the most important infrastructure for information technology, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things. A country with strong digital economy cannot live without encryption technology. He said that the project will be regarded as an important task for GCBD Party Committee next year. And the Party Committee will carry out their work following the suggestions given by the State Cryptography Administration and the Guizhou Big Data Bureau. On next year’s Big Data Expo, on the basis of the project, products that come into shape will truly become a replicable and extendable model. He promised to live up to the expectations of State Cryptography Administration, Guizhou Cryptography Bureau and Guizhou Big Data Bureau. Later, he would organize a special team to work with partners to build the cryptography industry with Chinese characteristics, enhancing users’ satisfaction, sense of security, and happiness through the protection by encryption.

"Research on the Application of Encryption Technology on Governmental Affairs Cloud" is an important project for promoting the application and development of encryption technology so as to realize the security application of governmental information system for social services. Under the guidance of the State Cryptography Administration and Guizhou Cryptography Bureau, GCBD will cooperate with Data Communication Science and Technology Research Agency, Aliyun, Guizhou Electronic Certificate Company, Guizhou University, Great Wall-Cloud (Guizhou) Technology Company and other units, realizing the independence in key technical areas through promoting the integration of state cryptographic technology, big data and cloud computing industries. In this way, a network-based security system supported by encryption can be built, providing secure and reliable cryptographic protection for the governmental affairs cloud platform, and offering safe and reliable cloud services to users. The launch of the project accelerates the process of constructing security infrastructure of the cloud platform to protect the data security. It will comprehensively enhance the GCBD’s core competitiveness in cloud services and its capability to serve the strategic development of big data industry in Guizhou.

The Meeting

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