On-Spot Dispatch to Advance Process Great efforts to Pull Together as A Family Fu Yu Investigated Major Project Advancement of Guizhou-Cloud Industry Service Limited Company
Source: Board Office | 2017-11-09 14:30:56

Fu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of GCBD and the Chairman of the Board, visited Guizhou-Cloud Industry Service Limited Company in the afternoon of November 3. He made an on-spot investigation of the situation of A4 Building project advancement of Defu Center, working on site to help to solve problems for project advancement, and making corresponding arrangement for industry service.

In the meeting, Fu Yu listened carefully about the situation of A4 Building project advancement introduced leaders of Guizhou-Cloud Industry Service Limited Company, so as to get better knowledge of the difficulties and problems of the project advancement. After expressing his recognition towards the commitment of this company, he made an requirement that the preliminary work should be pushed ahead in an parallel way, and different parts of work need to be advanced simultaneously. He added that the quality of decoration construction, in particularly, should be guaranteed while the construction time should be shortened and details be highly emphasized, and inspired the company to devote all the energy to ensuring the efficiency and quality of this project.

Fu Yu was glad to see the count-down on the white board, which showed all sorts of work were being pushed forward in accordance with timeline. He required that the decoration style should be simplistic and the decoration materials should be environmental-friendly and energy-saving. He said, the company must accelerate the decoration construction process so that they can move in as soon as possible, adding relevant departments of GCBD should fully cooperate with the Industry Service Company to seize every moment to build the home for the staff , hence the sense of belonging will be obtained.

After listening to the promotion plan made by the Industrial Integration Center, Fu Yu requested that the Industrial Service Company need to innovate business model, all the staff members also need to think out of the box, advance reform, break new ground, grasp opportunities and make coordinated development, in a bid to expand business with strong sensibility for the market and expand the market.

At the end of the meeting, Fu Yu listened to the conductive suggestions given by the Industrial Service Company on the future development of Industrial Service Company and Guizhou-Cloud Company. He said, GCBD and Industrial Service Company should unite together and make concerted efforts to truly create the warm atmosphere of “close and united as a family”. Moreover, Fu Yu emphasized that all staff members should cherish the platform provided by Industrial Service Company and every opportunity offered for self-improvement, achieving themselves and contributing to company’s development by the way of innovating working ideas, paying close attention to work details, having the courage to do what they aspire to do, and continuously improving themselves. He further claimed that Guizhou-Cloud Big Data need to enhance exchanges and coordination with all subsidiaries, set up personnel exchange mechanism, offer tailored position for staff to fully tap the advantage of each staff member, in order to better lay a consolidate foundation for the company’s shift from “Guizhou-Cloud Model” to “China Model”.

Fu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company and the Chairman of the Board, chaired the meeting.

Group picture of GCBD and Guizhou-Cloud Industry Service Limited Company.

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