A Delegation led by Mr. Feng Yixing, the Deputy Director General of Qiannan Autonomous Prefectural Big Data Development Administration Visits GCBD.
Source: Guizhou-Cloud | 2017-11-11 12:19:35 | Editor: Yang Rong

 November 8th, a delegation of four people led by Mr. Feng Yixing, the deputy director general of Qiannan Autonomous Prefectural Big Data Development Administration, visited Guizhou-Cloud Co., Ltd. Qin Xiaodong, the Party Committee Member, Chief Technology Officer of GCBD chaired the meeting. Liu Tianzhao, the CTO of WD Tech Co. Ltd, and the related company officers took part in this meeting.

Mr. Feng Yixing started the meeting by expressing the purpose of the visit. During the meeting, he said in order to smoothly conduct related work in Qiannan autonomous prefecture, better understanding should be achieved on initiative for launching application systems on cloud for the whole province, data sharing and open, GCBD platform for connecting cities and prefectures in Guizhou, and connecting mobile service to Guizhou-Cloud APP Platform.

 On the meeting,Qin Xiaodong introduced the goal of this year, such as the governance data integration and sharing, uploading the data to Guizhou-Cloud. Besides Qin Xiaodong shared his interpretation on related policies. He added that GCBD will offers full support to Qiannan autonomous prefectural Big Data Development Administration. Later, they discussed and exchanged ideas on uploading the data of applicable systems of Qiannan autonomous prefecture government to Guizhou-Cloud, establishing Qiannan autonomous prefecture branch platform of Guizhou-Cloud, sharing sorted catalogue data resource of Qiannan autonomous prefecture branch, and the process of accessing Qiannan autonomous prefecture mobile service to Guizhou-Cloud APP Platform.

 After the briefing, Mr. Feng Yixing expressed heartfelt thanks to Guizhou-Cloud Co., Ltd for the technical supports, and looked forward to closer cooperation, especially technical cooperation to promote an open data available for sharing in Qiannan autonomous prefecture government. 

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