Record Changes of Fund Management Co., Ltd. of GCBD were approved by Asset Management Association of China ​——Initial Results of Establishment of Big Data Fund
Source: Capital Operation Department of GCBD | 2017-11-15 11:30:08 | Editor: Shang Li

On Nov. 14th, the important change of executives applied by GCBD Fund Management Company was approved by Asset Management Association of China (AMAC). So far, the equity reorganization of GCBD Fund Management Company has successfully completed.

Since its complement of  industrial and commercial modification in May, GCBD Fund Management Company has begun to apply for change of major matters to AMAC. Due to the content of modification including investors, senior executives, types of business and other major matters, GCBD Fund Management Company were required to give feedback application materials four times in accordance with the new standard for strict approval by AMAC. We prepared all required materials according to the advice form AMAC, employed professional attorneys to negotiate relative issues, and submitted improved materials to AMAC as soon as possible. During the process of approval, we sent urgent e-mails and screenshots, and called AMAC for many times to inquiry the schedule of approval, all of which shows our positive attitude towards approval. With the help of all members, our company was finally approved by AMAC on Nov. 14th, which means the key part of establishment of Big Data Fund has been successfully completed.

 A The shareholders of GCBD Fund Management Company are at last modified to GCBD and New Frontier Capital Management Co., Ltd. (New Frontier Capital). New Frontier Capital is wholly owned by Hong Kong New Frontier Group. New Frontier was found by Mr. Antony Leung, Chairman of Greater China of Blackstone. It is mainly engaged in building and investing in disruptive and enduring businesses in the fastest growing region of the world. They control and operate a number of dynamic platforms across several strategic industries: health, internet, education and financial services.New Frontier Capital is operated by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and executives from several International Financial Institutions such as Blackstone, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital etc., all of whom have rich investing experience and overseas resources. 

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