Connecting Colleges with Enterprises to Integrate "Three Creates" -- CEO Ma Wenyi Gave Lectures to Start-up and Innovation Counselors of Our Province
Source: Board of Directors Office of Guizhou-Cloud | 2017-11-24 11:20:23

On November 22, 2017 Guizhou Provincial Training for Start-up and Innovation Counselors of Universities and Higher Vocational Colleges organized by Guizhou Provincial Education Department was held successfully. Ma Wenyi, CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Company, delivered two lectures themed "New Opportunities, New Patterns and New Momentum in a New Era of Start-up and Innovation" respectively at Guizhou University and Guizhou Institute of Light Industry to counselors from 69 Guizhou universities and higher vocational colleges. These two lectures, while being substantial in meaning, original in views, vivid with interesting cases and easy to understand, were also theoretical, practical and instructive, arousing great resonance and winning applause from the attendees.

Ma Wenyi, CEO of Our Company, is delivering lectures.

Centering on digital economy, following the main lecture line of "new era, new pattern and new path", Ma Wenyi shared his insights in IT, Internet, digital economy and industry integration over the past two decades. His insights and experience were delivered in two parts: The First Half of the Digital Era: the Internet of Consumption, and The Second Half of the Digital Era: the Internet of Industry. He illustrated to the teachers present on the integration of traditional industries and digital technologies through substantial cases, and shared the most up-to-date information of the digital industry.

Meanwhile, Ma Wenyi also analyzed the opportunities and risks that might appear in case of start-up and innovation from the perspectives of the three strategies of "Big Data, Poverty Alleviation and Macro Ecology” and operation pattern of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Company, and the trend of capital market. At last, he took questions from the attending teachers and gave thorough and useful answers.

Ma Wenyi, CEO of Our Company, is fucosing on promoting Guizhou-Cloud Venture Company.

Ma Wenyi invited Ma Bin, CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Venture Company, to introduce the wholly-owned subsidiary of GCBD in terms of its position, planning and layout, and illuminate on new patterns and new opportunities of "Three Creates": creativity, creating business and creating investments.

Ma Wenyi pointed out that, GCBD would positively participate in connecting and empowering the innovation and entrepreneurship of universities and vocational colleges, and cooperate in inter-school linking, school-enterprise linking and school-contest linking. In the next step, GCBD Venture Company would follow the concept of "Three Creates" and cooperate with universities and vocational colleges in Guizhou in brand granting, talent absorbing, contest training and program incubating.

These two lectures laid a stable foundation for Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Company to develop multi-level cooperation with universities and vocational colleges in Guizhou in various forms and fields, better realizing school-enterprises resources integration and optimization, and the co-development talents needed by social and economic progress.

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