Guizhou-Cloud APP Ranked Top 50 "Internet + Government Services" Platform in 2017
Source: Administration Department of GCBD | 2017-11-24 11:14:49 | Editor: Tan Min

       On November 23, the Internet + Smart China Annual conference 2017 themed " Smart City and Data Creates future" was hosted in Beijing. The APP developed and operated by Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Company ranked top 50 "Internet + Government Services" platform in 2017.

As Guizhou Province has been implementing big data strategic action and boosting "Internet + Government Services" and "Digital Government", the APP was  developed and launched against such a backdrop, aiming to broaden ways of services, pool government services APP offered by different departments and create a nationwide first-class government services APP brand.

Based on Guizhou-Cloud System Platform, the first government data sharing platform at provincial level in China, and focusing on the needs of the masses, Guizhou-Cloud APP extends services sphere to Internet and pool APPs relating people’s livelihood within the province, to truly achieve the target of "all-in-one services" and "data facilitate the process of government services for people". The APP is not only an microcosm of Guizhou big data development, but also an important platform to showcase the transformation of government functions across the province. It improves the governance capacity and the level of public livelihood, increases people’s sense of fulfillment in big data development, and provides convenience for the mass to go through procedures. So far, the APP has already pooled 3,824 government services items relating to livelihood of 21 government departments, 167 items of which could be completed directly on the platform. There have been 405 livelihood services, 89 of which could be completed online.

Guizhou-Cloud APP Ranked Top 50 "Internet + Government Services" Platform in 2017

The award is a fruitful outcome achieved through the implementation of big data strategy, the building of National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Pilot Zone, and the deep integration of Internet with government services, further enhancing the leading position of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Company in government data platform building.

It's known that the Top 50 Award selection was held for two sessions, and this year was the third time. The organizer believed that Internet way of thinking, users’ awareness and new-type digital services have become a underlying premise for becoming digital government. In addition, data sharing and internet + government services will be two focuses of government websites.

During the Conference

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