Mr. Fu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Board Chairman of Guizhou Cloud Big Data Led the Team to Investigate in Many Colleges in Chengdu
Source: Board of Directors (CEO) Office | 2017-10-31 11:05:04 | Editor: Yi Xue

On October 19th and 20th, Mr. Fu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Board Chairman of GCBD led the team to pay visits to universities such as Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology and Southwest Jiaotong University to further investigate and verify the feasibility of establishing "Guizhou Cloud Western Cooperative Innovation Center" in Chengdu.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Guizhou Cloud research team went to the symposium of Network Research Center of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology.At the symposium, Zhang Xiaosong, Director of Security Technology Laboratory of Network Research Center, gave a detailed introduction on the research direction, research achievements, platform construction, personnel training and development planning of the Research Center. The students on-site conducted the network offensive and defensive demonstration, APP security monitoring system, service backup pool, intrusion monitoring system, who delivered a vivid security lesson to the people presented.Mr. Fu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of GCBD, expressed his admiration to Zhang xiaosong for his conscientious attitude and scientific spirit for the national information security, and at the same time, he expressed that GCBD will fully support the promotion, optimization and upgrading of industrialization of Network Center’s results with an open and frank attitude, and hope to carry out cooperation with the Network Center at various levels and in various fields and ways.Director Zhang said he was willing to take Guizhou Cloud as a platform for application and promotion so as to better serve the whole country.

The next day, the research team went to Southwest Jiaotong University, Intelligence Valley in Western Chengdu and carried out the on-site investigation and discussions in Chengdu Jinsui Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Wisesoft Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Jinsui Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in March 2000, and located in the national-level science park in Southwest Jiaotong University. It focuses on the field of intelligent transportation, and is the professional solution provider of integrated solution of electromechanical equipment monitoring, which mixes together  research, design, consultation, production, sale, installation and maintenance.The research team carefully studied the software platform system of provincial highway network management center, the GIS-based electronic map software and other classic cases of highway mechanical and electrical engineering, railway videos and remote monitoring system engineering, as well as the in-depth exchanges of ideas on the operation and management mode of Jinsui Automation Engineering Co., Ltd..Ma Wenyi, Member of the Party Committee and CEO of GCBD, gave sincere suggestions on how to position the company on aspects of governance structure, product form, service pattern and business model establish the external structure and build the ecological partnership of the company.Mr. Fu Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of GCBD, expressed his willingness to spare no effort to support the realization of the market-oriented value of the scientific research achievements of Jinsui Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. and look forward to further the  communication and achieving the wide-ranging and deep-level cooperation.

Sichuan Wisesoft Co., Ltd is the main technology, systems and service providers in the air traffic field in China.Featured by "deep integration of production, education and research" and "integration of civilians and military forces", it has been persisting in the independent innovation for a long time and applying the graphics and image technology to the air traffic management, flight simulation, 3D measurement and face recognition, general aviation, intelligent city and culture and technology as well as other fields, and taking the large-scale real time software developed independently as the core. Thus, it forms a series of important equipment and systems.The research team came to the exhibition hall to experience the Panoramic Interactive Somatosensory System of Space Vehicle, the 4K-LED Stereoscopic Display System, the Air Traffic Control Center System of Air Force Command, the 3D Face Acquisition and Recognition System, the National Air Flight Situation Monitoring System, Intelligent Tourism of Big Data Center, Emergency Drill Training System and application of other technologies.After the visit, the two sides conducted cordial exchanges and reached a cooperation intention.Recently, Ma Wenyi, Member of the Party Committee and CEO of GCBD, will lead a team to study from and communicate with Sichuan Wisesoft Co., Ltd. and seek to establish an all-round and three-dimensional cooperation pattern in order to promote the comprehensive and pragmatic progress, make breakthroughs in key areas, and achieve early results and a win-win situation.

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