CEO Ma Wenyi Attends 2017 Global (Yinchuan) TM Forum with Delegates
Source: Guizhou-Cloud Department of Operating Management Department on Control | 2017-09-20 15:39:44 | Editor: Han Lincun

2017 Global (Yinchuan) TM Forum was held from September 19 to 21 in Yinchuan, China. Ma Wenyi, CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co.,Ltd.Guizhou-Cloud Company, attended the forum with a group of delegates.

On the first day of the forum, Ma Wenyi and delegates visited the smart community, which exhibits the direct drinking water system, intelligent rubbish bin, facial recognition entrance guard, smart delivery locker and other smart facilities. It allowed allows visitors to experience the convenience of human lives brought by technological advancement. The smart community impressed visitors a lot.

After visiting the smart community, they arrived at the Yinchuan Civic Center. The construction of information system for governmental affairs aims to break the barriers among different departments, which largely increase the efficiency and provide great convenience to citizens. It is thought highly of by Premier Li Keqiang and other officials of the central government. In the past, different departments were in charge of separate duties and itthey lacked overall planning and coordination. Now, citizens can go to Bureau of Administrative Approval Service to get things done in one place. Some businesses in Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Local Tax Bureau, and National Tax Bureau are still needed to be processed separately. Other businesses are all reassigned to Market Service Department, Department of Culture, Education and Health and Office of Social Affairs. Citizens no longer need to go to several places to get one thing done.

Later, they went to the ZTE (Yinchuan) Smart City Research Institution and exchanged ideas with President Gao on the experience of smart city construction and expressed their willingness of further communication and cooperation. Later, they also paid a visit to Yinchuan International Convention Centre.  Dozens of ZTE subsidiaries, partners participated in the exhibition, covering areas like smart education, 3D printing, smart taxation and smart environmental monitoring and so on. There are many application scenarios and impressive products.

After the visit, Ma Wenyi, CEO of Guizhou-Cloud Company attended the seminar with the senior management from ZTE Corporation. Zhu Yongtao, Senior Vice President of ZTE led a group of delegates to participate in the seminar. Each party introduced the basic situation of their own companies and their ideas about the trend of industrial development. They also expressed the wishes of cooperation. Zhu Yongtao said that he would arrange representatives to discuss about future cooperation with Guizhou-Cloud as soon as possible. He hoped that two parties can achieve comprehensive cooperation and a win-win relationship.

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