Seminar of Guizhou "Cloud Project" Performance Assessment Summary Report held in Guiyang
Source: Guizhou-Cloud | 2017-09-12 15:35:55

On September 8th, Seminar of Guizhou "Cloud Project" Performance Assessment Summary Report was held in Guiyang. 11 leaders from Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Administration, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Company, China soft Cloud Company,Guizhou Baishan Cloud Company , Business Big Data Company and other two faculties attended this seminar.

After two months’ work, Guizhou Cloud Project has completed processes of self-assessment, collection of objective materials, verification of data, expert reviews and assessment work. Based on in-depth understanding of a mastery of 25 "clouds", 25 specific assessment reports and a general report have been drafted. The purpose of this seminar was to collect the leaders' and experts' advices and suggestions on the general report of "Cloud Project" Performance Assessment.

On the meeting, Chen Jianzhong, deputy head of the Cloud Project Performance Assessment Expert Group introduced the main content of the general report, The general report is divided into five parts: objects and requests, assessment methods and their organization and implementation, assessment results analysis, suggestions and countermeasures, respective assessment reports on ever "cloud project" with the assessment results, suggestions and countermeasures as the core. Experts carried out respective discussions on the assessment purposes, process, methods and the final effects based on the general report and highly appreciated the quality of the reports. The reports aimed to wider readers were considered to be reasonable in structure, detailed in data, sufficient in examples and full in illustrations, which would be of great value to the decision of the management and to the active advancement of realizing Guizhou Big-Data strategy, improving the level of big-data application and realizing "gathering for sharing " of Guizhou Government.

Towards the end of the seminar, Zhang Lei, director of Data Resource Management and Security Division of Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Administration, highly appreciated the work of experts on the "Cloud Project" Performance Assessment and offers guidelines on the revision of the reports. Three purposes should be reached for this assessment, which are identifying the priority of Guizhou big-data industry development, honestly revealing the status quo and the problems of government data application and measuring the overall development of "Cloud Project" with Guizhou characteristics.

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