Guizhou-Cloud Loving Fund, a Heart Warmer
Source: Guizhou-Cloud | 2017-10-11 15:12:43

Recently, Loving Fund Management Regulations of Guizhou-Cloud Co., Ltd has been officially issued after the review and approval of the company’s party committee meeting. The establishment of the fund is a measure to promote the company’s rapid, healthy and sustainable development and to form mutual help mechanism where enterprise leadership, labor union mobilization and employer’s participation integrate. It fully embodies the fulfillment of the company’s corporate culture and social responsibility, Chinese traditional virtues of unity and mutual help, sharing spirits of "One for all, all for one"

Guizhou-Cloud Loving Fund is to improve the harmonious integration of comrades’ development goals and the company’s development goals, strengthening the satisfaction and loyalty of employees, foster harmonious corporate culture and realize the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. It exemplifies the traditional Chinese virtues by providing cares for the employees with solving employees’ unpredicted incidence-caused financial difficulties by offering necessary funding .

To standardize the fund management, the Guizhou-Cloud has set up the fund council with the director of the labor union as the chairman. Posts of vice chairmen are held by leaders of subsidiaries, leaders in charge the sub-labor-unions or leaders in charge of the party committee. The loving fund has its own account and management mechanism. Examination and approval procedure will be under the discipline inspection and supervision.  

During National Day holiday of this year, the newly-found loving fund had paid visit and given material help to Lily and her children, the widow of the late Chen Ming. Chen Ming was the deputy leader of Guizhou Provincial Economic and Information Technology Committee and the leader of Data Resource Management Division.

In the future, loving fund will call on its subsidiaries, joint ventures, partners and employees to actively take part in helping its employees and solving the financial difficulties in family life in order to help more family in need of help and contribute to harmonious society.

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