Apple Company and Guizhou-Cloud Company Work on Main Data Center for iCloud Apple Care Finishes Business Registration and Settles in Gui’an New Area
Source: Guizhou-Cloud Administration Department | 2017-09-27 12:00:50 | Editor: Tan Min

Recently, Apple Care (Guizhou) finished business registration in Gui’an New Area Government Services Center, which meant that it has officially settled in Gui’an New Area. In the meantime, it also meant that the iCloud project cooperated by Apple Company and Guizhou-Cloud Company has taken off.

On July 12, 2017, the provincial government signed the iCloud Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Apple Company. According to the agreement, Apple would register a business entity in Gui’an New Area and construct the main data center for iCloud with Guizhou-Cloud Company. The Data Center would be run by Guizhou-Cloud Company with the technical support from Apple Company. In the future, iCloud and Guizhou-Cloud will provide services for iCloud users in mainland China. The Data Center will be powered by renewable energy, becoming the first data center in China that 100% utilizing green energy. It reflects the idea of sustainable development in the era of big data and the willingness of IT industry to shoulder social responsibilities.

   Apple Care (Guizhou) is invested and founded by Apple South Asia Pte. Ltd and has a registered capital of 70 million RMB. The business scale of the company includes providing technical services of Internet technology and application, consulting services of scientific and technological information, business process outsourcing of IT support and management, data processing, import and export of equipment and so on.

The establishment of Apple Care (Guizhou) has promoted the implementation of iCloud Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Between Guizhou Provincial Government and Apple Company. As the only partner of Apple Company in mainland China running iCloud Service, Guizhou-Cloud Company will spare no effort to assist Apple Company in constructing the Main Data Center for iCloud in Gui’an New Area.

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