Guizhou-Cloud APP Launched Brand-New Travel Channel, Boosting the Golden Week of National Day
Source: Guizhou-Cloud | 2017-09-30 11:56:31 | Editor: Wang Yingxue

With approaching of National Day holidays, Guizhou-Could APP launched a brand-new travel channel, offering travel services to the vast number of users so as to meet their needs. By using this one-stop service, users will expect an easy, convenient and fulfilled Golden Week.

The travel channel consists of three new major products.

1. Featured travel channel – Full guidance on travel information

The travel channel of Guizhou-Cloud APP had been launched ahead of the National Day. By gradually covering the entire Guizhou Province with its services, it will be providing detailed information on tourist attractions as well as comprehensive touring plans. From dining to route planning, from tickets to overviews of tourism destinations, the channel offers extensive information for users, making them feel a sense of affability and welcome.

2. Travel service column – integrated supporting service

The integrated travel service has been launched along with the travel channel. It covers almost every aspect of Guizhou province tourism, including weather, long-distance bus tickets, train tickets, traffic enquiry, touring spot search and etc.

3. Bonus tickets – 100 tickets for free

Besides information and services, the brand-new channel provides additional worthwhile benefits. The campaign, named as "Download Guizhou-Cloud APP for Free Tickets", has been initiated right before Golden Week. From today to October 7th, anyone who downloads the Guizhou-Cloud APP will obtain a chance to draw a lottery to win the free local ticket for popular spots in Guizhou Province. On the event page, users can not only share the event with friends but also win a second chance by successfully inviting a friend to participate. Click on the event button and travel with Guizhou-Cloud APP to experience the splendid waterfall and picturesque Miao areas!

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