Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Integration Center Waiting for You
Source: Guizhou-Cloud Administration Department | 2017-09-25 11:45:04 | Editor: Tan Min

At the beginning of 2017, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Integration Center (hereinafter to be referred as Industrial Integration Center) was invested and established by Cloud-Guizhou Big Data Industry Company in Defu Center of Guiyang Hi-tech Industrial Development Area.

Supported by the brand Guizhou-Cloud, Industrial Integration Center gives full play to the first-mover advantage of big data industrial development in Guizhou. It has introduced and cultivated a batch of key projects, enterprises and talent, promoting the enterprise aggregation and speeding up the innovation. In this way, application can drive the development of the industry while the industry is supporting application.

Industrial Integration Center plans to become an innovative base for big data enterprise that worth 10 billion yuan in three years, showing the achievements of big data development in Guizhou. It aims to achieve intensive and large-scale development, making it a brand to show the profession and status of the enterprise. Industrial Integration will provide comprehensive and customized services based on the development of the company.

Since it started to attract investment on September 1, 2017, over 20 big data enterprises across the country have planned to settle in the Industrial Integration Center, and 10 of them have signed the agreement. Many of them are famous big data enterprises at home and abroad. There are only limited seats. Entering Industrial Integration Center will make your company a better work environment to attract talent.

There are still some available seats in the office building. The best office building is for the most excellent entrepreneurs like you. Cooperation of brands will provide a win-win scenario.

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