New version -Guizhou-Cloud APP 2.0 Begins Operation
Source: Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Scientific Application and Innovative Research Center | 2017-09-20 11:26:46

Brand-new style and better experience! The new version 2.0 of Guizhou-Cloud APP have been  upgraded and began operation since early August. The new version 2.0 claims brand-new style and better experience!

The 2.0 version, on the basis of the original one, underwent a large-scale optimization and transformation on experience, and further improved the platform's underlying functions. The new version focuses on providing the quality of government services and people's livelihood, and the usersusers’ experience, and provide more access to high-binding scenarios function services. At present, the platform’s access service has reached 205,252 items, including 2,008 provincial-level services.

1. Adding a number of government service

The new version of Guizhou-Cloud APP platform opened up the online service hall user system, and to some extent, it not only solved the pain points of lacking online government service channels, and complex offline service procedures, but also reduced the government departments’ manpower and time cost in the relevant business proceduress, and improved the efficiency of the various departments and the level of public service.

Takes forestry, financebanking, industry and commerce, finance, science and technology, development and reform, justice--the eight service sectors which are closest to the livelihood as the first batch of highlights: First category includes about 50 types of  services and guidelines provided by the Provincial Forestry Department,approvals and licenses including such as acquisition of precious trees seed approval, Special Hunting and Catching License approval, Forest Plant Quarantine sanitary certificate approval;, including about 50 types of services and guidelines provided by  the Provincial Forestry Department ; the second category  is provided by the Provincial Financial Department, including the establishment and approval of the microfinance company, change of the registered capital, the scope of business and the form of organization as well as the equity of shareholders and other business, including 23 types of services and guidelines; the third category is provided by the Trade and Industry Bureau, including the pre-verification of names of newly established enterprises and change of enterprises name, the establishment and registration of business groups and limited liability companies and other business services and guidelines; the fourth category is provided by the Office of the Treasury, including the establishment and approval of the assets valuation institution and its branches, the establishment and approval of the punishment of appointment of accounting personnel who is not in conformity with the provisions, including a total of about 79 types of services and guidelines; the fifth category  is provided by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, including patent pledge registration, patent fees collection, patent subsidy application, including about 15 patent-related business services; the sixth category is provided by the Development and Reform Commission, including the project proposal approval, the project feasibility study report approval, the project application report approval and other services and guidelines; the seventh category is provided by the Administration of Radio and Television , including the approval of type B license to produce a TV series, the establishment and approval of a film-distribution company, license for foreign invested cinema  permit and other services and guidelines; the eighth category is provided by the  Provincial Justice Department, including the approval of establishment of a private law firm and a state-owned law firm, forensic examination and registration of the judicial authenticators  and the establishment registration of Jury of appeal as well as other business services and guidelines.

2. Five categories of convenience services have been upgraded

In addition, the new version of the Guizhou-Cloud APP platform focuses on upgrading and launching the following five livelihood services. The first is tourism including scenic inquiry, traffic advice, long-distance coach tickets, Guizhou traffic card net-points, rescue services; the second is the public traffic control, including payment of penalties, scheduled car inspection, driver's license points inquiries, traffic violation query and vehicle query service; the third is the social security tax which has realized social security query, social security card progress query, social security status query, arranging the tax and row number service; the fourth is health care includinge drug inquiry, appointment registration, medical experts query, QR scanning services; the fifth is the education and culture which includes college entrance examination inquiry, admission institutions, Guizhou education, library collection inquiry and other services.

The new version of Guizhou-Cloud APP platform is a multi-level, comprehensive people's peoples’ livelihood service system. It is reported that before the end of this year, all government departments of provincial level  city level and prefecture level will be connected to Guizhou-Cloud APP platform, in order to provide services for the people. At the same time, through the online collection of people's peoples’ livelihood needs on government services, Guizhou-Cloud APP will also launch more services that are in line withto meet the needs of the users. By then, the registered users of the Guizhou-Cloud APP platform’s registered users, they do not no need to repeat the application procedures ,procedures, and can enjoy the government services across the province, so that the goal of ‘More data services and less procedure for people, less procedure’ will be achieved.

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