Investment and Financing Service

I Business Scope

1. Open direct investment business. Required by Guizhou Big Data Development Administration and the company, cooperation will be carried out with leading enterprises in IT and big data industry on quality projects with brand effect. Innovative business models will be explored to achieve rapid replication and growth.

2. Set up big data industrial fund. With policy supports and the leveraging of financial capitals, promoted both by governmental funds and social funds, the big data industry can achieve rapid development in Guizhou. A foundation will be established to set a model for financial investment in Guizhou Province, which can explore and find the effective pattern to combine industrial development and capitals. 3. Project Financing. According to the needs of the company, close the financing gap through direct or indirect financing, maintain the cooperation with Industrial and Commercial Bank, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank and Donghai Securities, while establishing good relationships with other banks and securities companies, widening the financing channel and continuing to look for quality projects.

II Introduction of Funds

(1)Guizhou-Cloud Big Data & TSF Big Data Industry Guiding Fund” 

October 2016, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co., Ltd., Guizhou Guian Financial Investment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai TS First Fortune Asset Management Co., Ltd. co-sponsored the establishment of "Guizhou-Cloud Big Data & TSF Big Data Industry Guiding Fund” (hereinafter referred to as GCBD & TSF fund).The Fund size is 100 million RMB,mainly investing in the sub-funds of upstream, downstream and derivation of the big data industry chain to support the development of big data industry in Guizhou Province. Currently it has invested in Shanghai Big Data Inc. 

(2)Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry FOF 

Engaging with the international professional investment team as fund manager, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry FOF will be jointly initiated and established by state-owned enterprises in Guizhou Province and domestic financial institutions.

The Fund provides up to 5 billion RMB with sub-funds mainly investing in angel investment, PE, Pre-IPO, PPP, private placement, overseas M&A. Its sub-funds will be mainly invested in big data industry,Internet, electronic information and so on in Guizhou and other provinces, also the sub-fund-level investment is expected to reach 16.7 billion RMB.

 (3)Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Angel Investment Fund

 Negotiating with AC accelerator (Beijing) to co-finance and establish Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Angel Investment Fund. The Fund provides up to 16 million yuan RMB,mainly investing in projects funded by angel investment and start-up projects in big data and Internet industries to support quality start-up projects of big data industry in Guizhou Province.


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