APP Platform

(I) Platform Introduction

The Guizhou - cloud APP platform was created by Guizhou - Cloud Big Data Industry - Co., Ltd. with all efforts, and it is China first provincial level comprehensive government administrative and people's livelihood service platform in mobile Internet. The platform provides one-stop service for the convenience of the people covering multiple fields such as medical, education, transportation, utility payment etc. through uniform access, uniform user authentication system and uniform messaging system. 

(II) Platform Functions

The platform follows the principle of “centralized construction, unified portal”, and it is in compliance with the requirements of “unified user management, unified information management, unified user experience management ” and innovative public service supply mode, mobilize and standardize the government administrative service and people's livelihood service of the province's departments at all levels, and also manage it collectively, to achieve a unified external promotion and provision of services, so that government services and people's livelihood service can better meet the needs of the user experience.

Guizhou - cloud APP platform includes three columns such as service channels, city & prefecture channels and department channels, and two independent sections like online service hall and the masses needs collection.

Service channel: It provides direct access for optimization services which draws the high attention from the public among government administrative services and people's livelihood services in the province, such as health care, transportation, education, and so on.

City and prefecture channel: It provides provincial level and city & prefecture covered government administrative services and people's livelihood services and city & prefecture local individualized administrative services and people's livelihood services through city & prefecture sub-platform access.

Department channel: It is an access which takes the provincial government departments as the range, to provide departments with provide application of administrative services and people's livelihood services.

Online service hall section: It integrates above sixteen thousands administrative services and people's livelihood services provided by Provincial Government Administrative Service Center.

Masses needs collection section: It aims to enhance interaction with users, collect the needs from masses to administrative services and people's livelihood services online, and widely take the masses’ advise so as to improve the service quality.

(III) Platform Objective

Guizhou - Cloud APP platform will realize real time interaction, and collect government administrative and people's livelihood services needs from the masses extensively, so as to constantly improve the platform's underlying functions, upgrade and create more service in line with users experience needs continuously, and achieve the gathering of livelihood services from all the cities and prefectures and all provincial government departments, and with the aim of building the country's leading government livelihood services brand, truly realizing "Easier access to data, less procedure for public”.


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