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Guizhou - Cloud system platform is a specific practice for Guizhou Province to implement the relevant requirements for construction of national integrated big data center, a major information system project deployed by Guizhou Province Big Data Development Leading Group at the first plenary session, the first cloud computing infrastructure platform in China, self-constructed by Guizhou Province, to achieve government data “Overall Storage Planning, Overall Sharing Planning, Overall Standard Planning and Overall Security Planning”, and the critical support for Guizhou Province government data “aggregation, inter-connectiveness and application”. The construction of the platform started on August 2014, and put into online operation on October 15. It made possible for one cloud platform serve all levels of government in Guizhou Province. The platform has aggregated 612 application systems by the end of April 2017, with 108800GB data, and the daily visits exceeds 1 billion times.

The construction of the platform adopted cloud operation system with proprietary intellectual property rights and domestic-made hardwares. It is therefore independent, safe and controllable. Services like cloud computing, cloud storage, data base, cloud security and data sharing are provided to government, enterprises and public institutions via e-government extranet and Internet. A dual node with interactive disaster recovery and backup, unified control, supporting local city disaster recovery and backup and dual active application system were built in accordance with “3 centers in two locations——main data center, remote disaster recovery and backup center and local city backup center”. Users can access to the official website of Guizhou - Cloud ( for account registration, and service applications as required from Cloud - Cloud system platform.


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