Introduction to Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co., Ltd.

Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. (GCBD) was approved by People's Government of Guizhou Province in November, 2014, with registered capital of 235 million yuan. The company is sponsored by Guizhou Big Data Development Administration and supervised by the Board of Supervisors of Guizhou State-owned enterprises.

GCBD aims to promote the development of Big Data industry in Guizhou through developing the Big Data industrial ecosystem, building and operating the Guizhou-Cloud system platform. It is also dedicated to build an investment and financing platform for Guizhou Big Data and electronic information industry. Besides, GCBD launches a fund to manage Big Data and electronic industry, supporting enterprises in the industry. GCBD meets the differential demands of governmental departments at all levels and enterprises by virtue of comprehensive infrastructure of Big Data, data processing and storage, data mining and trading, industrial investment and fund management, information technology consultation, communication network leasing, Internet access, software development,  information system integration service, and professional cloud platform and cloud application service.

Thanks to the hard work of the whole staff, GCBD has grown into an excellent enterprise with assets worth over 500 million yuan and all sorts of talent. Currently, the average age of its employees is 28. Over 40% of them own master degrees and above or have overseas education background. There are five senior managers and 90% of the employees are professional technicians.

Led by a group of competent leaders, the company is a united team. In the headquarter, there are Board of Directors, Operating Management Division, Party and the Mass Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department, Human Resources Department, Financial Department, Capital Operation Department, Government Affairs Department, Application Integration Department, EP Coordination Innovation Department, Network Security Department, Important Projects Department, Administration Department, and Big Data Scientific Application and Innovative Research Center. The company owns many holding companies and joint-stock companies including Chinasoft International & Guizhou-Cloud Data Technology Services Co., Ltd., Guizhou CASI-Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Fund Management Co., Ltd.,Great Wall-Cloud(Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd., Inspur-Cloud(Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd.,Midu-Cloud(Guizhou) Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou-Cloud Data Co., Ltd., Big Data Research Institute Company of China Electronics Technology Group, Guizhou Weidong Big-Data-Cloud Development Co., Ltd., Ysbedo(Guizhou)Technology Co.,Ltd, ,GuizhouIndustry-Cloud Services Co., Ltd., Guizhou Big Data Finance and Investment Co., Ltd, Guizhou Big-Data-Cloud Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Guizhou Xinwei-Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., GuizhouBig Data Financial Development Co., Ltd., Guizhou Financial Cloud Data Co., Ltd., Guizhou Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd.,and Guizhou Guitong-Cloud Big Data Industrial Guidance Fund, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial No.1 Private Investment Fund, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industrial Parent Fund, Guizhou Cloud Big Data Venture Investment Fund, Guizhou Huaxin Integrated Circuit Industrial Development Fund, all of which cover areas like big data industry and big data finance.

In the future, GCBD will stick to sustainable development concept of leading science and technology with application to achieve the balance between society, environment and interested parties. GCBD is aiming to become a quality supplier of governmental affairs cloud service, big data application solution and financial capital operation.

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